LA Man Pleads Guilty to Asbestos Work Practice Conspiracy

John Bostick apparently knew the building's ceiling contained asbestos but failed to tell workers, who were not trained in correct work practice techniques.

New right-to-know application was developed for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Right-to-Know App Identifies Toxic Neighbors

This application was designed by Abt Associates for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Saugus, Mass., Manufacturer to Pay Fine for Notification Violations

Lamb & RItchie Co. will pay a $32,000 fine to settle a complaint that the company failed to file a Toxic Chemical Release Inventory form for lead compounds.

March 11 Meeting to Finalize National Conversation Action Agenda

The public meeting in Washington, D.C., will wrap up this phase of the project to strengthen the nation's approach to protecting the public's health from harmful chemical exposures.

Supermarket Chain Faces Penalty for Nondisclosure

DeMoulas Super Markets failed to submit a material safety data sheet for Genetron 22, or a list of chemicals including Genetron 22, to the state emergency response commission, local emergency planning committee, and the local fire department with jurisdiction over the facility.

Renovation Construction Manager Pleads Guilty to Asbestos Crimes

Russell Coco faces one year in prison and could be fined up to $250,000; a trial for Bob Knapp, the building owner, is set for Feb. 28.

EPA Awards $5.5M to 3 Consortia to Support Nanotechnology Research

In collaboration with the United Kingdom, the agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are pooling funds to determine whether health risks exist in products using nanotechnology.

A tomcod from the Hudson River

Genetic Mutation Allows Hudson River Tomcod to Adapt to PCBs

Slight alterations in a gene encoding a protein known to regulate PCB's toxic effects were found in the fish.

EPRI Addresses 7 Myths of CFL Technology

Compact fluorescent lamps can be used in three-way fixtures and with dimmers. They also can last longer than incadescent bulbs when used properly.

EPA Enhances Water Contaminant Information Tool

WCIT now includes a compendium of 700 new contaminants with details on more than 212 analytical methods.

Risk Assessment Conference Slated for Feb. 15-16

EPA will host a conference on advancing the next generation of risk assessment in Washington, D.C.

SOCMA Renews Call for Long-term CFATS

The chemical manufacturers' group is seeking a three- to five-year reauthorization of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.

15 Facilities Turn in Coal Ash Impoundment Action Plans

EPA is making the plans, which describe how companies are making their impoundments safer, available through its website.

Fungal Growth Standard Provides Go-To Reference for Mold Assessment

ASTM subcommittee is trying to bring consistent, reliable, and accurate sampling to the practice.

Former Detroit Lead Inspector Sentenced for Fraud

Former city of Detroit Health Department lead inspector Donald Patterson was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison and 24 months of supervised release on wire fraud charges stemming from an EPA investigation.

Pennsylvania General Energy Co. Fined for Illegal Surfactant Discharge

The Department of Environmental Protection has fined Pennsylvania General Energy Co. $28,960 for the illegal discharge of Airfoam HD, a surfactant, into Pine Creek in Lycoming County last March.

EPA Submits Draft Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan to Independent Scientists for Review

EPA submitted its draft study plan on hydraulic fracturing for review to the agency’s Science Advisory Board, a group of independent scientists.

A Mattress for Truck Slumber and Mopping Up

Company says hazardous material cleanup can be as simple as putting its mattress under the spill.

SOCMA Supports Congressional Review of TSCA

SOCMA President Sloan suggested that TSCA has been effective and modernizing the law is an action that should be carefully undertaken.

EPA To Develop Regulation for Perchlorate and Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water

EPA will move forward with the development of a regulation for perchlorate to protect Americans from any potential health impacts.