Environmental Protection


Green IT Recycling

Retiring IT Assets for Green Reasons

Disposing of outdated IT not only helps mitigate environmental risks but also delivers energy cost and productivity benefits.

dan steele wireless

Wireless Spread Spectrum Radio SCADA for Water Facilities

Think of the monitoring possibilities: cathodic integrity for corrosion, pump station efficiency, and tank status.


U.S. Air Quality Somewhat Better in 2006-2008, ALA Says

The American Lung Association's annual State of the Air report attributes gains to emissions control equipment for coal-fired power plants and cleaner diesel fuel and engines.

It is estimated more than 3 billion syringes generated outside of health care are discarded in regular trash annually.

Assessing the Hidden Problem of Medical Waste Disposal

Throwing sharps containers, red bags, and spill cleanup materials into the trash sends up a red flag to commercial or municipal trash collectors because they are not allowed to take this waste.


Case Study: Pulse Technology Breaks Up FOG Cap at Lift Station

The Arizona State Prison in Pima County installed a system that uses compressed air to break down fats, oils, and grease in a sewage lift station.

Noise Control

During plant design, water and wastewater treatment facility owners have at least three methods to help reduce electrical noise associated with process automation systems.

hazmat suit

How to Select a Certified Hazmat Suit

Emergency responders are better served by taking time to carefully consider the weight and maneuverability, material, fit, and maintenance of the suit that could save their lives. This is not a split-second decision.

SAGR Testing Ports

Submerged Attached Growth Reactors

For simple, low-cost solutions for wastewater treatment, Submerged Attached Growth Reactors downstream of primary lagoons provide a practical means to comply with nutrient rules, even in cold climates.

Brazil site layout

Case Study: Via Light Gas Station Bioremediation

Brazilian-based Grön Environmental uses S-200 to successfully complete a Rio de Janeiro gas station cleanup to the applicable BTEX standards.

Vallejo Plant

Case Study: Retractable Covers Contain Aeration Basin Off-Gas Odors

A retractable, structurally supported geomembrane cover system provides odor control and easy maintenance access to wastewater treatment aeration basins at the Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control District.

food scraps

Serving Up Energy and Compost from Organic Waste

Waste separation, community buy-in, and high solids anaerobic digestion are key ingredients in turning table scraps and yard debris into a renewable resource recipe.

EP Salary Survey

A Time of Job Cuts and Moves

The good news from Environmental Protection's annual Salary Survey is that reported gross salaries appear to have increased over those reported in the 2008 survey. The bad news is that getting or keeping an industry job proved more difficult for many who responded.

A Bulb Crushing Victory

Going fluorescent is a no-brainer, much like using lamp crushers to recycle and safely dispose of the small amount of mercury in each bulb.

AND1000 Fluorimeter

The DNA Difference in Drinking Water

ANDalyze Inc. is using DNA sensors that react with heavy metal ions to help water professionals detect contaminants and safeguard drinking water.

Chevrolet Silverado B20

Automaker, RFS2 and Bus Fleet Commit to Biodiesel

Attendees at the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference got an earful of good news for the industry.

flow meter in manhole

Closed Pipe System Replaces Open Ditch Irrigation

Montezuma Valley Irrigation Co. saved substantial amounts of water lost through evaporation and seepage by installing a closed poly pipe distribution system with more precise flow meters, solar power, and automation.

environmental software

Green Screen

Emissions tracking software keeps companies one step ahead of impending greenhouse gas regulation.

EPA Financial Assurance

Latest Financial Assurance Proposal May be Costly

EPA has added chemical, petroleum and coal, and electric power facilities to its list of industries that are responsible for assuring their financial ability to take care of cleanups.

Nose Testing

The Nose Knows

Professionally trained odor panelists can mitigate nuisance odors better because they are not hampered by detection limits.

USGS employee performs maintenance on monitoring unit

A Call for Uniform Groundwater Classification

Inconsistent federal, state and local laws are undercutting groundwater protection efforts in the United States.

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