Environmental Protection



Case Study: Seawall System Used to Retain Earthen Walls

Pima County adapts a seawall system for use in containing a protection wall in Canada del Oro Wash at a more reasonable cost.

Cathodic Protection

Operations managers in the water and wastewater industry are looking for ways to be more efficient. Wireless remote monitoring can provide one option for corrosion control using existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks and automation.


Bridges for Human and Aquatic Species

MACTEC Engineering and Consulting assembled a design team for the U.S. Forest Service to evaluate the risks and determine mitigating measures to enable safe passage for human traffic and aquatic species in nine National Forests.

Case Study: Reliable Corrosion Control

Having worked extensively overseas and in 22 states, I have seen a fair amount of corrosion, but a wastewater treatment facility in my own backyard has the distinction of being the most corrosive job site that I have ever dealt with.

Case study: FOG Solution Provides Biogas to Power Ken's Foods Plant

Submerged membrane technology tackles biomass retention and solids-liquid separation with the collateral advantage of providing energy.

Sampling Indoor Air Quality

Today, indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments may be performed to find out more than just if a building's air is contributing to or causing adverse health effects in occupants.

From the Top: Q & A with Heiner Markhoff

Heiner Markhoff, president and chief executive officer of GE Water, a division of GE Power & Water, explains how he came to be leading the company and what he hopes to achieve.

Part II: The Green Campus: Strategic Decisions

Delta College (Mich.) has a passel of green efforts under way, which could fall under all sorts of headings.

REACHing for Answers

Producers and handlers of all types of chemicals have specific obligations to fulfill to the European Chemicals Agency and their European customers.

Part I: The Green Campus

If you're at a school where the only green action you're seeing is the annual seeding of the commons, don't despair. In the world of higher education, even the most ambitious sustainability plans often begin with tiny steps taken by individual departments.

From the Top: Q&A with Ian Barbour

Dow Water & Process Solutions' general manager, Ian Barbour, explains how his business serves the industrial and municipal water treatment industry.

The Interstate Training Advantage

The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission has shown that there are advantages to approaching the need for training, and the ways to meet that need, from a regional perspective.

MSABP: Can You Say Sludgeless?

Just three years ago, the company introduced its technology and it already has a five-year, multimillion-dollar exclusive supply and licensing contract with Teijin Limited.

Milwaukee 7 Water Council Briefing

Since the Water Council opened, 10 major water companies have moved large portions of their operations to Milwaukee to join the five major water companies that are home-grown. The number of water-related industries has risen from 150 companies to 250 companies in 5 years. Green jobs, most involving water, have increased 25% and have raised Milwaukee’s standard of living. Milwaukee’s water economy and its power to draw water industries are being called the “Blue Gold Rush.”

So, You Want a Paint Booth

Industrial painting operations, which provide durable and aesthetically pleasing finishes to many products, are much more complex than hanging some plastic sheeting and grabbing a spray gun.

The Green Build-out Begins

Spurred by the Obama administration's call to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil by adopting alternative energy sources and increasing energy efficiency, green is rapidly becoming the color of choice across all facets of the federal contracting community.

Storing Ash Safely

Many landfills and retention ponds used to store fly ash are aging, having been designed and constructed as far back as the 1950s using unsophisticated and less rigorous methods than those used today.

Arsenic-laced Drinking Water

A casual phone conversation with his brother led engineer Jeremiah Jackson to develop an innovative arsenic filtration system that could improve the lives of people affected by arsenic-contaminated drinking water.

Case study: Optimizing RO

Reverse osmosis treatment requires sufficient feedwater pretreatment to prevent membrane fouling. Depending on the feedwater, pretreatment can be critical to ensuring a sustainable process.

Pump and Treat

When it rains hard in Collierville, Tenn., a sewer pump station right outside the gates of the Shelton Road Wastewater Treatment Plant automatically becomes part of the plant.

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