Environmental Protection


McCain or Obama and the Water Environment

Having the annual WEFTEC conference in Chicago, just two weeks before the much anticipated Election Day can be a blessing or a burden.

WEFTEC.08 Tours

The Stickney Water Reclamation Plant and Abbott Laboratory Wastewater Pretreatment Plant tours are all about extremes.


Rollbacks Overshadow Bush's Environmental Record

Excerpts of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) prepared remarks for a Sept. 24 hearing on the Bush Administration's environmental record.

Case Study: One Technology, Three Applications

China's capital city has a long history of water scarcity. In recent years, rapid economic growth, pollution, and a population reaching 17 million have intensified the problem. It is estimated that Beijing's water availability per capita is 30 times below the international average.

Case Study: Treatment System Removes Iron, Manganese Below MCLs

Serrano Water District in Villa Park, Calif., agreed to implement and test a water treatment system at the Villa Park Dam in an effort to explore affordable solutions for reducing high levels of iron and manganese in its water stream.


REACH Urgency

Half of the non-chemical supplier companies doing business in Europe will be shut out of that market on Jan. 1. Are you one of them?

The Marketing Metaphor

In today's world, environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals must acquire effective marketing skills to achieve their organization's EHS objectives.

Acid Mine Drainage

When groundwater flows through underground coal mines, metals and sulfate often leach from pyrite-laced coal and bedrock and discharge into a surface water body, becoming acid mine drainage.

Emerging Trends

Managing the Global Water Crisis Offers New Opportunities

The growing water shortage underscores the need not only for comprehensive conservation plans and re-allocation of water resources but for the development of new technologies and facilities that will convert non-potable water into fresh drinking water.

NASA Selects In-situ Chemical Oxidation for Leak Cleanup

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., has undertaken aggressive groundwater and soil remediation to treat an area of on-site petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.

Case Study: Water Straining

Whether used for cooling or processing, raw water drawn from lakes, rivers, and reservoirs must first be strained to remove dirt and debris that can harm critical process systems and equipment.

Texas Facility Turns Foundry Sand into Pay Dirt

A concerted effort to beneficially reuse and recycle plant waste started in November 2006 when the chief financial officer of Hensley Industries complained about the soaring cost to landfill the facility's spent foundry sand.

The UN-Comfort Zone

What's Pushing Your Buttons?

What motivates you? That's the question I'd like to ask in this inaugural column on motivation.

Ease that 'Pain at the Pump'

The Keys to Unlocking Lender Business

It's no secret that Phase I professionals operate in an extremely competitive environment.

Case Study: Unique Diversion

Dam construction in the mid 1960s and seismic, environmental, and cost-sharing concerns in the 1970s created serious problems for the Placer County Water Agency in northern California.

Zahn-Wellen Is a Test You Should Know

Pre-testing aqueous wastewater streams to determine biodegradability doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, much less drag on for months.


Why the Ethanol Import Tariff Should be Repealed

Record prices for gasoline are increasing the costs of producing, transporting, and processing food products.

Port of Long Beach: "Clean Before We Grow"

As a "real estate leasing company," the Port of Long Beach, Calif., does not make pollution but does own it -- in the sense that the port is ensuring that tenants and users do their part in meeting environmental standards.

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