Environmental Protection


Case Study: RTO Replacements with No Upfront Capital

After operating two regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for the last 25 years, Soliant LLC of Lancaster, S.C., considered what repairs were needed to ensure reliability. The company asked Dürr Systems, Inc. EES, a supplier of RTOs, for recommendations.

The AAI Rule and SOX Intersect

November 1, 2006, was an historic day for the environmental due diligence industry. That’s the date the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule took effect, changing the environmental due diligence requirements for those seeking to qualify for cleanup liability protection under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).

Las Vegas Readies Brownfield For Green Revitalization

Union Park in downtown Las Vegas is one of the most ambitious brownfield redevelopment programs in the country.


The Cycle

Have you ever wondered what happens to the glass, metal, and plastic you set out for recycling?


American Rivers Commends Water Efficiency Approach

American Rivers, a river conservation organization, recently commended the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority for promoting water efficiency as the first source of supply in its recently released study,

Simplifying Complexity

Exploiting the biological complexity of natural systems to cope with the complexity of industrial waste streams is becoming a more attractive option because engineered treatment wetlands typically are mechanically simple and have low operation and maintenance costs.

'Green' Desalination

Over the past five years, desalination has gained significant momentum in California. With more than 10 projects in various stages of environmental review, design, and construction, desalination is planned to provide 1,500 to 2,000 million liters per day (ml/d) of new fresh drinking water supplies for the state by 2015.

Treating FGD Purge Streams

Many electric generating utilities that burn coal are engaged in retrofit projects using flue gas desulfurization (FGD) to meet emissions standards mandated by Phase 2 of the Clean Air Act.

Case Study: Putting Solvents in Their Place

Old ways of doing business are acceptable today if they comply with regulations and get the job done efficiently.


Water's Value Needs Clearer Definition

I believe that access to sanitation and water is a key component of human rights.

Case Study: No More Tipping and Tapping

Killing weeds isn't one of the primary responsibilities of a water and wastewater management facility, but it does require some care to do the job well and in compliance with California's Title 3 Pesticide Regulations.

The Shortest Distance between Two Points

Cloudcroft, N.M., holds more than one important distinction. It is home to the nation’s highest golf course at 9,000 feet, and its residents have implemented an integrated water conservation and indirect potable reuse project to supplement spring and well water with treated wastewater effluent.

Delivering Safety

Motor carriers must remain focused while transporting whatever they carry, especially if the cargo is hazardous materials.

An Exercise in Self-inspection

Environmental auditing had its genesis in the 1970s as a couple of newsworthy environmental incidents (for example, Love Canal and the Valley of the Drums) spurred EPA to promulgate a slew of new regulations.

The Domino Effect

In some ways, the 21st century has, so far, been a hostile time, with the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, multiple school shootings, bombings in London and Spain, reports of increased border traffic and violence, and more.

McCain or Obama and the Water Environment

Having the annual WEFTEC conference in Chicago, just two weeks before the much anticipated Election Day can be a blessing or a burden.

WEFTEC.08 Tours

The Stickney Water Reclamation Plant and Abbott Laboratory Wastewater Pretreatment Plant tours are all about extremes.


Rollbacks Overshadow Bush's Environmental Record

Excerpts of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) prepared remarks for a Sept. 24 hearing on the Bush Administration's environmental record.

Case Study: Treatment System Removes Iron, Manganese Below MCLs

Serrano Water District in Villa Park, Calif., agreed to implement and test a water treatment system at the Villa Park Dam in an effort to explore affordable solutions for reducing high levels of iron and manganese in its water stream.

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