Solinst Canada Launches Cloud-Based System for Water Data Management

Solinst Canada Launches Cloud-Based System for Water Data Management

The new platform focuses on streamlining project management for environment professionals.

Solinst Canada Ltd.—which specializes in water monitoring instruments—announced a cloud-based platform named Solinst Cloud, which aims to simplify how groundwater and surface water data is stored and managed.

According to a recent release, Solinst Cloud offers a scalable and secure environment for data storage which enables environmental professionals to expand their monitoring networks in a more efficient and more cost-effective way than traditional data management. The platform supports LevelSender 5 network communications, eliminating the need for email addresses in the setup process and allowing for remote modification of LevelSender settings.

Solinst Cloud presents data in various formats, allowing for increased access and streamlined decision-making for environmental teams. Additionally, the platform offers the convenience of uploading Levelogger log files directly to projects. The user-friendly dashboard streamlines project management by organizing data into specific projects. The platform also provides comprehensive control over data access, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

More information about Solinst Cloud is available on the Solinst Canada website.

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