California on Road to Zero-Emission Vehicle Future

California on Road to Zero-Emission Vehicle Future

A new rule will reduce pollution by limiting the sale of non-zero-emission cars.

A new rule passed in California requires new vehicles sold by 2035 to be zero emissions.

The Advanced Clean Cars II rule will help reduce the pollution in the state, according to a press release. It sets and explains the goal of 100 percent zero-emission new car and light truck sales by 2035.

Starting in 2026, automakers will be required to deliver a certain percentage of zero-emission vehicles. In 2026, at least 35 percent of new vehicle sales should be zero-emission vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, according to the press release. Every year, the percentage increases.

The rule was passed by the California Air Resource Board on August 25, 2022.

Gas vehicles are large contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. On average, a car will emit “4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide” in one year, according to the EPA.

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