HP Inc Unveils Carbon Neutral Printer at Sustainable Impact Summit

HP Inc Unveils Carbon Neutral Printer at Sustainable Impact Summit

Today, HP Inc. hosted a sustainable impact summit in Nashville, and it had some exciting environmental news to share. Not only is it focusing more on recycled materials, but it announced its first carbon neutral printing system.

HP Inc. is changing the world of printing. By focusing its efforts on environmentally friendly, sustainable printing systems, the company is not only helping consumers with their printing needs, but they are doing so in a way that actually helps the Earth.

Today, at its Sustainability Summit in Nashville, TN, HP announced its continued development of environmental business models, a multi-million dollar commitment to developing water-based ink technologies, and a brand new printing system called HP Tango Terra.

HP is not new to eco-friendly efforts. In fact, HP Inc and WWF recently partnered for a $11 million forest cooperative to make their printing processes more environmentally cognizant. The partnership will specifically focus on protecting, restoring, and managing forests in the paper printing industry. Not only is the company making huge environmental strides, but it’s encouraging other companies to do the same.

Today, at its Nashville sustainability summit, HP Inc. not only continues its environmental efforts, but it outlined its $200 million commitment to develop water-based ink technologies for printing digitally on corrugated packaging and textiles. It also announced HP Tango Terra—a brand new printing system that is made with 30 percent closed-loop recycled plastic, plastic-free packaging, HP paper, and recyclable ink cartridges.

To read more about HP Inc.’s summit announcements from today, read the official press release below:

Sustainable Impact Takes Center Stage at Annual HP Americas Innovation Summit

Company unveils new products and solutions aimed at creating positive, lasting change for the Planet, People and Communities

Innovation for Sustainable Impact Summit, Nashville, October 24, 2019 — HP today highlighted its commitment to Sustainable Impact via an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of its Nashville-based recycling facilities for hardware and supplies. At today’s event, the company outlined its agenda for achieving its ambitious goal to achieve 30 percent recycled content in its products by 2025 and recycle 1.2 million tonnes of hardware and supplies—a 5X increase over its previous rate—via continued innovation throughout its product portfolio, go-to-market model and sustainable supply chain.

Introducing HP Tango Terra

As a proof point of its strategy to design products with sustainability in mind, the company unveiled its first printing system certified as CarbonNeutral. HP has ensured the entire life cycle of Tango Terra is carbon neutral from raw material extraction and processing, printer manufacturing and transportation to printing including electricity, paper and cartridge use.

HP Tango Terra is ENERGY STAR certified, EPEAT Gold registered and made with 30 percent closed-loop recycled plastic3. It is delivered in plastic-free, packaging, comes with HP EcoFFICIENT FSC-certified paper and HP Planet Partners provides responsible recycling for end-of-use consumer printers and HP cartridges.

“At HP, we aspire to create a world without waste. From our supply chain, to our operations, to our technology and service offerings, we are transforming our entire business for a circular, low-carbon economy,” said Ellen Jackowski, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy and Innovation. “Tango Terra is a prime example of how we are reinventing how we design and deliver our products to reduce our carbon footprint. This is our first carbon-neutral printing solution we are offering to customers as we work to reinvent the footprint of printing with HP and lead the way for the industry.”

Commitment to Water-Based Print Solutions

As announced earlier this week, HP outlined a $200 million commitment to develop water-based ink technologies for printing digitally on corrugated packaging and textiles. The company’s commitment complements ongoing HP investments in other printing technologies and markets aimed at creating sustainable digital print solutions.

HP believes that investing in water-based ink solutions for the corrugated and textile printing markets will have beneficial effects along the entire product lifecycle, for the people who operate our printing systems, for the end users of the printed product, and ultimately for the final reuse, recycling or disposal of products.

Ethical and Sustainable Global Supply Chain

With nearly half of its carbon footprint coming from the supply chain, HP recognizes the importance of partnering with suppliers to reduce their environmental impact in order to create a more resilient supply chain. The company collaborates closely with production and nonproduction suppliers to drive low-carbon and resource-efficient transformation throughout the value chain and offer targeted programs to help suppliers gain capabilities and make lasting improvements.

Sustainability Good for Business

As highlighted in its 2018 Sustainable Impact Report, HP is recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable companies. The impact to its business is sizable – in 2018 the company closed $900+ million in new revenue on deal wins where sustainable impact was a key differentiator, representing a 35 percent year-over-year increase.

HP Original Supplies & HP Planet Partners

Through 2018, the HP Planet Partners program has manufactured over 4.2 billion HP ink and toner cartridges using more than a cumulative 107,000 tonnes of recycled plastic. By upcycling these materials for continued use, an estimated 830 million HP cartridges and 101 million apparel hangers and 4.37 billion post-consumer plastic bottles have been kept out of landfills.

Established in 1987, HP Planet Partners is now available in 76 countries and territories worldwide, including eight countries in Latin America and Puerto Rico. Consumers can also subscribe to HP Instant Ink, to make cartridge return and closed loop recycling even easier, while lowering cost.

HP Commitment to Sustainable Impact

HP aims to drive lasting improvements for the planet, people and communities. We engineer with integrity, ensuring all products and operations are based on the highest ethical standards. We are committed to full circle innovation that improves performance, reduces waste and powers a circular and low carbon economy. And we inspire impact, creating opportunities and enabling action to achieve a more just, equitable and inclusive society.

To learn more about these efforts, visit the HP Sustainable Impact website or refer to our 2018 Sustainable Impact Report.

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