LEGO Shooting for 100 Percent Sustainable Packaging by 2025

The company's goal had been to accomplish this by 2030, but it has now moved up that goal.

LEGO announced an accelerated goal for achieving 100 percent sustainability in its packaging by 2025. The company's goal had been to accomplish this by 2030, but it has now moved up that goal.

"To support our company mission, we have a Planet Promise and we have pledged to play our part in protecting the planet for future generations," said Tim Brooks, vice president environmental responsibility for the LEGO Group. "Using sustainable packaging is an important part of fulfilling that promise. By bringing forward our ambition on sustainable packaging, we are also acknowledging the need to find better packaging solutions sooner. We've made good progress in the past three years, and there is still work to do."

About 75 percent of cardboard used to make LEGO boxes currently comes from recycled material, according to the company, and the average size of a LEGO box has been reduced by 14 percent during the past four years. This year, the company began using recycled plastic in packaging blisters, which are the transparent plastic windows that allow a consumer to take a "sneak peak" inside the box prior to purchase.

The company's sustainable packaging ambition focuses on finding packaging alternatives that are:

  • One hundred percent of LEGO boxes, bags, and special packaging are to be made from recycled or sustainably sourced bio-based materials.
  • The company will explore on an ongoing basis ways to optimize packaging, balancing consumer appeal with environmental action.
  • It will design packaging that facilitates consumers to recycle in its major markets.

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