Mutual Housing California Receives Grant for Green Building

NeighborWorks America recently announced a $403,000 grant to Mutual Housing California for green building, renovations, programs and operations.

NeighborWorks America recently gave Sacramento-based Mutual Housing California a $403,000 grant to continue building sustainable communities and renovating older developments with the latest green methods and technology. 

Half the grant—slightly more than $200,000—will help fund the:

--positive net-energy phase of Mutual Housing at Spring Lake, 32 apartments and townhomes in Woodland, Calif. for agricultural workers and their families, the initial phase of which was the first zero-net energy affordable housing development in the nation certified by the U.S. Department of Energy;

--energy-efficient, green renovations to Owendale Mutual Housing Community in Davis, Calif., and to Mutual Housing at Dixieanne and Victory Townhomes Mutual Housing Community in North Sacramento. 

The other half helps pay for programs that Mutual Housing residents, staff, and board members deem important.  

“NeighborWorks America is one of the few major funders in the community development and affordable housing sector that makes large grants to support work we decide is important to our community,” said Rachel Iskow, Mutual Housing chief executive officer.

“Grantors usually drive the work by funding issues and programs they identify as important. This type of funding is like gold to any nonprofit that cares about answering to its community stakeholders.”

The recent grant continues funding such programs as: 

--developing "green leaders" who spread the message of green living to their Mutual Housing neighbors and beyond,

--creating a “Culture of College” where every child in a Mutual Housing community sees college as a viable option, and

--advocating for policies that support affordable housing for diverse families.