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Mutual Housing California Receives Grant from NeighborWorks America

Sacramento-based nonprofit Mutual Housing California recently received a $442,700 grant from NeighborWorks America to underwrite the organization’s activities and to continue developing rental housing in the Sacramento region.

A third of the grant, $142,700, will help keep the pay for basics such as the office in Sacramento and staff who work throughout Sacramento and Yolo counties.

The other two thirds, $300,000, will allow them to continue buying land and creating communities for minimum-wage and other families in the region.   

“Because grants like this allow us to pay the bills—and do whatever we need to do—they are extremely important,” said Rachel Iskow, Mutual Housing chief executive officer.

“Without funding like this, we wouldn’t able to continue operating and building the housing that we do.”

The grant will help work on such projects as the Mutual Housing at Foothill Farms rehabilitation and planning and pre-development of a new zero-net energy, bike-oriented community in Sacramento.

Funding also recognizes the achievements and challenges of the past year, taking into account Mutual Housing’s work in:

  • greening and rehabilitating three South Sacramento communities,  
  • building new sustainable housing in Woodland, Calif., Mutual Housing at Spring Lake, and
  • improving the health, stability and assets of the resident families.

The nonprofit founded its own property management company that created jobs for nearly 40 local people and allowed the organization to use greener methods in the daily operation of the communities also was part of the achievements given credit for.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., NeighborWorks America is a congressionally chartered nonprofit that supports community development and serves more than 4,500 communities across the country and in Puerto Rico.

Through its network affiliates, NeighborWorks America leverages nearly $4 billion annually in direct investments to low- and moderate-income families.

Across the nation, every dollar that goes through NeighborWorks® leverages $48 in non-federal investment. 


Founded in 1988, Mutual Housing California develops, operates and advocates for sustainable rental housing for the region’s diverse households.

A member of NeighborWorks America, Mutual Housing has more than 3,000 residents, nearly half of whom are children.

Through its focus on leadership, the nonprofit provides training and mentoring as well as educational programs, community-building activities and services for residents and neighbors.

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