Water Act Violations Settlement Intends to Prevent Future Oils Spills

Cargill, Inc. has agreed to settle with the EPA for Clean Water Act violations at two different oil storage facilities. The settlement will also outline steps required to prevent future oil spills at the sites.

According to the EPA, Cargill, Inc. violated the Clean Water Act at two separate locations that are used for oil storage. The company has agreed upon a settlement which requires the company to pay a civil penalty of $187,500.

“The Clean Water Act requires large oil storage facilities to have adequate response plans to prevent a spill from turning into a large-scale environmental disaster,” said Karl Brooks, EPA Region 7 administrator. “The lack of a Facility Response Plan for these facilities can have serious consequences for humans and the environment in the case of a spill. This settlement helps protect the communities of Blair, Neb., and Eddyville, Iowa, if spills were to occur.”

Cargill’s two oil storage facilities currently hold more than one million gallons of oil, but they have a total capacity of storing more than 7 million gallons. The locations did not have response plans in place. With the EPA settlement, the company will now have accurate FRP Plans that will help prevent future spills and help the company be prepared for a “worst-case” scenario.