Covanta Holding Corporation has Acquired the Camden Resource Recovery Facility

Covanta, a leader in sustainable waste management and renewable energy, takes over the New Jersey-based facility

Covanta has announced their acquisition of the Camden Resource Recovery system, a facility in Camden, New Jersey that converts 1,050 tons of waste into energy each day, according to The energy from waste (EfW) facility provides sustainable waste management services to Camden county and surrounding communities and generates approximately 21 megawatts of renewable energy, which is then sold at market rates into PJM.

Covanta already owns several EfW facilities in the Northeastern area of the country, therefore adding this South New Jersey location is projected to add greatly to Covanta’s already prominent presence in this region of the country. In 2012, the facility in Camden processed 319,000 tons of waste into 146,000 megawatt hours of electricity.

Covanta currently manages 45 EfW facilities throughout the country, converting roughly 20 million tons of waste into 9 million megawatt hours of energy and around 9 billion pounds of steam each year. 

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