Groundwater Remedy Gets International Recognition

The global engineering community has recognized Rogers & Callcott, an environmental engineering firm, for an innovative achievement in site remediation technology based on the successful completion of a groundwater contamination cleanup field pilot test.

Combining the use of two typically incompatible remediation technologies (chemical reduction and chemical oxidation) at one site, Rogers & Callcott’s in-situ remediation solution was considered cutting-edge and provided efficient and successful results.  It was designed in collaboration with remediation contractor Geo-Cleanse International.

The DHEC approved field pilot study, which took place over a 22-month period, confirmed that the combined use of the competing chemistries at the same site can achieve the project cleanup goals of contaminant destruction in the source by chemical oxidation and significantly reduce the cleanup time frame through a series of chemical reduction treatment zones.

“While oxidants and reductants generally don’t mix, our project team was able to tailor a chemical solution that integrated the best of these two opposing technologies through proper design that worked successfully and will accelerate the cleanup time at the site,” explains George Y. Maalouf, vice president and director of Assessment, Remediation and Compliance of Rogers & Callcott.

The successful two-year field pilot test was completed at a former manufacturing site that was considered particularly challenging due to the degree of groundwater contamination, its difficult access and heterogeneous geology.

A technical white paper written on the project, “Coupling Oxidative and Reductive Treatment Technologies for Integrated Site Remediation,” was presented at the AquaConSoil 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.