Ohio EPA Receives Bronze Recognition for Environmental Efforts

The State Electronics Challenge has awarded the Ohio EPA a bronze recognition for its efforts in decreasing the environmental footprint of its computer equipment.

Ohio EPA entered the State Electronics Challenge, a national environmental stewardship program, for the first time last year and was awarded a bronze recognition. As part of the challenge, the Ohio EPA generated 30,000 fewer pounds of trash and prevented 125 pounds of hazardous waste from being created in the state.

“This is Ohio EPA’s first year participating in the State Electronics Challenge and achieving an award at this early stage is a significant accomplishment,” said Lynn Rubinstein SEC program manager.

The Ohio EPA was able to reduce the environmental footprint of its computer equipment by reusing the equipment they already had and by buying equipment that is Electronic Procurement Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) qualified. For more information on the State Electronics Challenge, please visit their site.