Warm Welcome for New Secretary of Interior Department Nominee

As President Obama nominates Sally Jewell, REI CEO, as the new secretary for the Interior department, she gets a warm welcome from Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers.

Sally Jewell, the CEO of Recreational Equipment Inc. has been nominated to head the Interior Department. Jewell will have to be confirmed by the Senate before her new title is official, but she is already known for her land conservation activism in Washington state, where she currently resides, and across the country. She is also a founding board member of Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and as commissioner on the National Parks Second Century Commission.

Along with her nomination, Jewell has also received the support from others, including Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers.

“We applaud President Obama’s choice of Sally Jewell for Secretary of the Interior. As the head of REI, the outdoor gear and clothing company, she understands firsthand the connections among healthy rivers, healthy communities, and a strong economy,” said Irvin.

“Sally Jewell knows that clean, healthy rivers and protected public lands are the infrastructure of the $289 billion outdoor recreation industry that supports 6.5 million jobs. She knows how important fishing, boating, and hiking and the great outdoors are to our families, to our future, and to our heritage as Americans.

“We hope she will be speedily confirmed by the Senate and look forward to working with her as she carries out the President’s vision for conservation through initiatives like America’s Great Outdoors, and continues the impressive legacy of her predecessor, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.”