Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Association Receives Environmental Education Grant

The Ohio EPA has awarded a $48,460 grant to help improve wetlands education opportunities associated with the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Association.

The grant awarded to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Association is just one of nine grants, totaling $350,000, awarded to the state from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund. The grant will allow the Association to begin a new project to further educate residents about wetlands, ecosystems, and more.

The project will equip a new environmental education shelter and provide staffing to update existing curriculum on wetlands, coastal ecosystems, native species and migratory birds. The shelter supports kindergarten through 12th grade classroom visits and field trips for 2,400 students from school districts in Erie, Lucas, Ottawa and Sandusky counties. The project will also expand the existing Wetland Investigation Network partnership.

Scientists, researcher, and environmental science students at Heidelberg University’s National Center for Water Quality Research will lend their expertise in the field of water quality. The Ohio State University Stone Laboratory will conduct professional development and a culminating student learning experience.

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