Company Offers Cost-fffective Solution to Meet Marcellus Wastewater Regulations

In what is regarded as significant breakthrough for energy companies working in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale Play, Clean Streams LLC offers a time and money saving solution to simplify wastewater treatment and recycling.

Clean Streams proprietary water recycling process takes Frac, Flowback and Produced Water and recycles it, returning it to the drill site for repeated use. Companies searching for a compliant, safe, ZERO DISCHARGE and cost-effective way to meet stringent wastewater regulations find this innovative process the perfect solution.

"Our treatment capabilities are in full compliance with all applicable PA DEP and EPA regulations," said Richard Weaver, president of Clean Streams. "That includes the amendments to 25 PA Code Chapter 95, requiring a lower TDS threshold be applied specifically to the natural gas sector and TDS concentrations be treated below 500 milligrams per liter."  

This focus on compliance and safety extends beyond the treatment process to include every aspect of wastewater transportation and recycling. "All Clean Streams operators and technicians are in compliance with PA DEP, EPA and OSHA regulations," Weaver said. "They are up to date with all training requirements and adhere to our most stringent regulatory guidelines."

According to Weaver, scalability is one of the key advantages Clean Streams can offer its customers. "It's the nature of the business," he said. "We need to scale our water recycling plants to meet the very specific needs out there, whether it's Produced Water at a well head with relatively low flow, or a centralized wastewater treatment and recycling plant that can handle 10,000 barrels per day or more or anything in between."

Helping energy companies meet environmental regulations in a cost-effective manner is important, but it's only part of the Clean Streams story. As the company's name suggests, protecting Pennsylvania's waterways is our top priority.

Richard Weaver believes that the long-term success of the Marcellus Play requires a balanced approach combining responsible energy exploration with environmental stewardship.  "It can be done," he said. "And Clean Streams is doing it right now."