Is "green" marketing dead?

White Paper: Green Marketing Needs to Evolve

A Cleveland marketing firm shares its perspective on how companies need to adjust their strategies to communicate "green" value.

Does green marketing still have legs, or is it a dead-end proposition?

Though awareness of green has blossomed, so too has confusion. Years of greenwashing have made consumers cautious of claims and promises. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission recently updated Green Guides – marketing guidelines for products making “green” claims or certifications – for the first time since 1998.

In “Green is Dead or Object Lessons in How to Overuse a Marketing Opportunity,” Cleveland marketing firm Point to Point identifies how organizations can evaluate their competitive landscape from a green perspective, and the strategies necessary to help marketers communicate, then evaluate, and adjust. You can access the white paper here; registration is required.

“Green marketing has to evolve. Most consumers possess a deeper awareness of green than they did only a few short years ago,” said Mark Goren, president at Point to Point. “Not only do consumers expect green products and services, but they expect companies to do more, like giving consideration to the environmental impact of their production and distribution strategies.”

Founded in 1982, Point to Point is an advertising and interactive marketing firm that helps clients identify, bring into focus, and overcome complex marketing challenges.

Source: Point to Point