Tokyo Is Greenest City in Asia Pacific, Solidance Says

The first Asia Pacific Top 10 Green Cities Index also recognizes Seoul, Melbourne, Singapore, and Osaka.

Tokyo is the greenest major city in Asia-Pacific region, followed by Seoul, Melbourne, Singapore and Osaka.

This is the conclusion arrived at by the study of the social, economic, and environmental factors contributing to the environmental sustainability in each major city, according to Solidance, a marketing and growth strategy consulting firm.

The study evaluates the 10 cities in categories such as: carbon dioxide emissions; energy; transportation; air quality; water; waste and green space; and environmental governance.

“A ranking of Asia Pacific green cities has never been done, and this was a response to our clients’ requests for comparative Greentech market opportunities in the region. The analysis will be useful for businesses to understand which cities are more progressive in green development. It is heartening to see that developed Asia Pacific cities have placed an emphasis on ensuring that their city’s ecosystem is sustainable. Developing cities can look toward the top-ranked green cities for best practices to leapfrog the learning curve in cultivating a green urban ecosystem,” says Damien Duhamel, managing partner of Solidiance.