Cali Resources Lowers Recycling Costs with Zylog Tracking Software

Cali Resources, a CRT and glass-to-glass processing facility, leverages locations in San Diego, Tijuana, Calexico and Mexicali, to provide the highest form of recycling at the lowest labor costs. The company uses a million-square-foot facility to process the weekly volume of glass from other recyclers nationwide.

According to a press release, the facility is the largest CRT, Monitor, and Display Devices dismantling and glass-to-glass processing facilities in the world. This plant boasts a completely self-contained water treatment facility.

As a pioneer for end-to-end tracking from point of collection to ultimate reuse of the CRTs and Display Devices, the company has collaborated with Zylog Systems Ltd. to design and use software that supports ISO standards and complete transparency of this process for customers. The result, Silvanus360, provides a network framework to connect collectors with recyclers and downstream processors. The software enables tracking from point of collection, collection event logs, and consumer drop off through receiving, processing, and shipments for reuse.

“When we installed Silvanus360 and modified our workflow, it was as if somebody unclogged the processes,” said Carlos Kelvin, president of Cali Resources. “We are able to accommodate all regulations and exceed customer expectations. Our improved performance resonates with our clients in the form of lower costs for processes that are enforced and visible.”

Kelvin has more than 15 years of experience in providing full -service recycling and asset recovery for electronic, electrical equipment, computers, storage devices, monitors, televisions, image display devices, and peripherals.

Silvanus360 by Zylog Systems Ltd is a comprehensive software solution that includes CRM, Order Management, Event Management, Dispatch, Receiving, Tear Down tracking, Attribute tracking, Warehouse Management, Process Control Management, Performance Reporting, and Shipping. The simplified SKU management design allows the recycler to configure the application to the needs of the user.