Water Tech Group to Meet at NanoBusiness 2009

The Water Innovations Alliance, an industry association promoting accelerated development and adoption of water technologies and methodologies, will be holding its conference concurrently with NanoBusiness 2009 at McCormick Place in Chicago, from Sept. 9-10.

The purpose of the conference is to improve awareness and collaboration between large companies, engineering firms, universities, utilities, start-ups, NGOs and governments by educating attendees on new water technologies, innovations and prospects. Whether the developments be in materials, IT, engineering, financing or public policy, the conference will shine a spotlight on all advancements and provide best practices across the spectrum of the water field.

“Currently, 1.1 billion people lack access to a reliable water supply, and 2.6 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation,” said F. Mark Modzelewski, co-founder and executive director of the Alliance. “By 2025, over half the world’s population will live in water-stressed or water-scarce countries. One quarter of global freshwater use exceeds local long-term accessible supplies. With those rather startling statistics as a point of reference, we look forward to welcoming key stakeholders to our conference to address how we can solve the world’s water crisis together through innovation.”

In addition, the conference will host a “Water Innovations Showcase” that highlights developments from companies that are breaking new ground in water technologies. The event will also spotlight leading practitioners and thought-leaders in this field via a series of keynote addresses, kicking-off with a presentation on Tuesday evening. Speakers for the conference include:

  • Dean Kamen, inventor and entrepreneur
  • Fabian Cousteau, explorer and aquatic environmentalist
  • F. Mark Modzelewski
  • Finn Nielsen, chair, VWS North America, Veolia Water
  • Mark Shannon, director, the WaterCAMPWS Center, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Rishi Shukla, Archer Daniels Midland Company

For complete event information, visit www.waterinnovations.org/event.php.

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