IHS Named Enterprise Carbon Accounting Emerging Leader

Groom Energy Solutions has identified IHS Inc. as an Enterprise Carbon Accounting Emerging Leader for its work in the enterprise carbon accounting (ECA) and environmental, health and safety (EHS) software markets. The findings were announced in a recent report, "Enterprise Carbon Accounting: An Analysis of Organization-Level Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting and a Review of Emerging GHG Software Products."

"Effective corporate strategies for addressing climate change need to encompass not just emissions management and reporting but also the financial aspects of cap-and-trade programs. By deploying systems to manage climate change data all the way through from operations to emissions trading, companies can not only meet the emerging reporting and emission reduction regulatory challenges but also optimize the value of their emissions allowance portfolios and potentially turn their EHS department from a cost center to a profit center," said IHS Vice President, Environment Mark Wysong. "We appreciate Groom Energy Solutions recognizing our leadership in helping global business address these critical issues."

"Our goal is to help organizations better understand the trends associated with the calculation and disclosure of carbon emissions and to identify and evaluate vendors who can help with this important task," said Paul Baier, vice president, consulting, Groom Energy Solutions. "IHS has emerged as a leader in this space, and has firmly established itself in the climate change and ECA markets."

Based on its client work over the last 12 months, Groom Energy Solutions estimates that demand for ECA software solutions will quadruple between 2008 and 2011. As investors, customers, employees, communities, and governments insist on more accurate carbon emission data, organizations are beginning to track carbon emissions as rigorously as they track revenue and expenses. Just as organizations purchased financial accounting software to automate their financial data management processes, they will soon similarly invest in ECA software to automate the carbon data management process.

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