Association Provides Drug Disposal Information for Pharmacies

The National Community Pharmacists Association is launching its new Prescription Disposal Program that offers information and resources for pharmacies to create prescription drug disposal programs for consumers.

"Protecting your pharmacy means protecting your staff, patients, and the community. With growing concerns regarding prescription drug abuse and drugs in drinking water, we at NCPA want to assist our members in taking action," said NCPA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce T. Roberts, RPh. "The new NCPA Prescription Disposal Program will help community pharmacies create programs for their patients to safely dispose of unused and expired medicines that may be dangerous to others and to the environment. Some of the programs may even help the environment by converting pharmaceutical waste to energy."

NCPA members will receive access to a free online Prescription Disposal Program toolkit including planning guides, customizable marketing and publicity materials, as well as resource links and information on state waste programs and potential reverse distribution partners that provide a variety of disposal options.

To learn more, visit here.

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