Ashland Offers Hazwaste Management Training

As part of a continuing commitment to environmental, health, and safety compliance, Ashland Distribution, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., is offering Hazardous Waste Management Training seminars through its Environmental Services business group, an April 3 press release stated.

Online registration can be made at Additional questions and inquiries can be sent to or answered by phone at 614.790.3222.

The single-day programs provide participants with required annual refresher training under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and fulfill Department of Transportation general training requirements for three years. In addition to training, attendees will also receive the most recent Hazardous Materials, Substances & Waste Compliance Guide, and the North American Emergency Response Guidebook. The seminars also feature an interactive training format, covering federal guidelines and interpretations.

Ashland Distribution distributes chemicals, plastics, and composite raw materials in North America, as well as plastics in Europe and China. Ashland Distribution also provides environmental services in North America, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection, recovery, recycling, and disposal services.

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