Video Shows How to Operate Aquionics' UV System

A new video from Aquionics explains the basics of operating medium-pressure ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. Aimed at managers and operators at water and wastewater treatment and reuse installations, it talks the viewer through setting up a system for the first time and shows the ease of replacing the UV lamps and quartz sleeve wipers.

The 10-minute film can be accessed at

Aquionics' President Bill Decker stated in a March 18 press release, "We decided to commission the film as a way of educating our customers as to just how easy it is to use our medium-pressure UV disinfection technology. We plan to follow it up with a film about UV systems for industrial applications."

Aquionics of Erlanger, Ky., is a Halma Company that designs, manufactures, and applies UV technology for progressive, non-chemical disinfection and microbiological control.