IPS Selects Achilles to Expand Robustness Testing

Invensys Process Systems (IPS) has selected Achilles Satellite to enhance internal robustness testing best practices for its Ethernet-enabled safety and critical control solutions, according Wurldtech™ Security Technologies of Vancouver, B.C., a provider of cyber-risk and compliance management solutions for industrial automation industries.

"Proactive security and robustness testing, which is an important aspect of our product development process, enables us to continuously improve the overall safety and reliability of our Foxboro® and Triconex® critical control solutions," Ernie Rakaczky, principal security architect for IPS, stated in a March 10 press release. "We have come to rely on Wurldtech’s technology and cyber-risk expertise to help us diagnose cyber vulnerabilities and to continually test for new cyber threats during product development."

IPS solutions help minimize downtime and improve overall security, availability, and integrity of global critical infrastructure. By integrating Achilles into established product development processes, IPS is reducing business risk for its clients by proactively identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in safety and critical control systems before they are deployed in real-time, high availability environments.

Developed specifically to address cyber security challenges unique to the industrial automation industry, Achilles diagnoses known and unknown vulnerabilities in supervisory control and data acquisition and process control systems and is now the most widely deployed robustness testing platform amongst global operators, systems integrators, and vendors that supply and manage critical infrastructures such as the power grid, oil and gas, water and wastewater, telecommunications, and transportation.

IPS, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is a global technology, software, and consulting firm leading significant change in process manufacturing, plant optimization, business operations and enterprise performance.

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