Ocean Allies Send Blueprint to Presidential Candidates

Recognizing the link between a healthy environment and a healthy economy, a broad coalition of conservation and research organizations has asked each presidential candidate to prioritize strong, effective coast and ocean conservation measures during the next presidential term.

Forty-eight organizations from 15 states and territories across the United States joined in sending "A Blueprint for Coastal and Ocean Policy for the New Administration" to each presidential campaign, urging decisive action on behalf of the oceans. The coalition includes Greenpeace, Surfrider Foundation, Sierra Club, Reef Check Foundation, Fauna & Flora International, NAUI and PADI Worldwide, Marine Conservation Biology Institute, Save the Manatee Club, and EarthEcho International.

"The ocean touches everyone and everything. It is essential to life and human survival," said Mark J. Spalding, president of The Ocean Foundation, which provided the original draft and organized the coalition. "The next administration has a fantastic opportunity to start a new wave for coastal and ocean protection, a new wave that we will support."

The blueprint asks for action on 10 marine conservation issues: • reducing coastal and ocean pollution;

• clean and healthy coasts and beaches;

• improving the health of our nation's fisheries;

• protecting coral reef ecosystems;

• protection of other important marine species;

• marine ecosystem restoration;

• addressing the links between oceans and climate change;

• resolving conflicts between healthy oceans and energy production;

• underwater noise pollution; and

• ocean governance.

To download a copy of the blueprint, visit http://www.oceanfdn.org/index.php?tg=articles&topics=32.