Environmental Protection


Mexico Sets Clean Cities and Recycling Contests

Local governments, with corporate support from Pinol, are exercising best practices in litter control and solid waste management.

Oregon Tests Method with Snapshot of Illicit Drug Use

Using Oregon State University analytical methods, researchers enlisted the help of wastewater treatment facilities in 96 municipalities to measure meth, cocaine, and ecstasy.

Canadian Study Finds Higher Levels of Mercury in Summer

The amount of atmospheric gaseous elemental mercury spiked in June, according to Julia Lu, a Ryerson University associate professor.

Nutrient Levels Stable in Half of Streams USGS Tested

The assessment will help determine the effectiveness of land management practices, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Singapore Breaks Ground on Jurong Lake Project

Black & Veatch says Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters are designed to bring people closer to water.

AllSAFE Comments on E-15 Fuel Waiver Application

Bifurcating the fuel supply would confuse consumers, according to the Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment.

ASTM Develops Method to Measure Inert Gases in Windows

Spark emission spectroscopy will allow a nondestructive way to determine how well insulating glass units contain argon.

NOAA, Partners Restore 2,000 Acres of Texas Wetlands

Chevron Corp., Texas and federal agencies worked to restore and enhance more than 2,500 acres of coastal wetlands in Port Arthur, Texas.

U.S. Trucks Lag Behind 'Greener' European Models

U.S. size and weight regulation are holding industry back, preliminary study results say.

Genesis Water Expands Water Purification Line

Company adds FCI Watermakers seawater RO desalination systems to its product lineup.

Water Policy Event Aims for Integration

The Chronicles Group is gathering water planners to discuss the need to implement a comprehensive integrated water policy.

Basin Water Signs Sale Agreement, Files Chapter 11

The transaction is designed to enable the company to continue providing environmental solutions.

SURF: How Should Clean-up Industry Clean Up?

Organizations white paper assesses remediation and whether it is or can be sustainable.

Study: Wastewater Plants Relatively Light on Mercury

A Water Environment Research Foundation study finds bioavailable mercury levels are as low as or lower than other common sources.

Accidental Discovery May Lead to CO2 'Catchers'

Maryland researcher says genetically engineered microbes could be made to absorb carbon dioxide.

Lux: Water Is Missing from Renewable Energy Equation

Policymakers should consider how much water is used to employ alternative energy; new technologies may make them more viable.

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