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Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer

The Anguil Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer destroys air toxins and volatile organic compounds that are emitted in industrial process exhausts. The product recycles released energy and converts volatile organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water vapor. The unit’s flow valve directs gas into an energy recovery chamber, which preheats the process stream. Volatile organic compounds are then oxidized across the catalyst, releasing energy in the second stoneware bed. PLC-based electronics automatically control all aspects of the system’s operation.

    Anguil Environmental Systems


    HCl Scrubber Module

    Anguil's HCl Scrubber Module scrubs and neutralizes hydrochloric acid that is created during the oxidation of halogenated or mixed organic vapor contaminants. A recirculation pump injects large volumes of water into a hastelloy quench section, inducing vapor flow through the scrubber. Gases pass through a mist eliminator before exiting the column and sodium hydroxide is added to control pH in the neutral range.

      Enviance Inc.


      Compliance Management Software

      Enviance software provides a central management system that allows users to track and report initiatives for environmental regulatory compliance. The product is designed to help users manage a large body of disparate data, including air, greenhouse gases, water, waste, and health and safety. The software generates regulatory reports, tracks regulatory limits, compares emissions and operating parameters against defined limits, and automates compliance calendars with workflows.

        Anguil Environmental Systems


        Chlorinated Emission Control System

        Anguil's Chlorinated Oxidizer is designed to destroy halogenated organic acids and mixed organic vapor contaminants that are discharged from a variety of industrial process streams. The Chlorinated model is selected based on volume of airflow, contaminant type and desired destruction efficiency. When halogenated hydrocarbons, such as chlorine, bromine and fluorine, are present in the process gas, the unit scrubs the acids that are produced during oxidation.

          Air Cycle Corp.


          Fluorescent Lamp Crusher

          Air Cycle’s Bulb Eater is designed to crush spent fluorescent lamps of any length into recyclable material. The system is mounted to a 55-gallon container and can hold up to 1,350 4-foot fluorescent lamps. The unit is equipped with a side-mounted dust filter, a safety control panel, and a carbon filter, which captures and neutralizes the mercury vapor released from the lamps during crushing. The product is EPA and OSHA compliant.

            Anguil Environmental Systems


            Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer

            The Anguil Thermal Oxidizer eliminates volatile organic compounds by the process of combustion. Air is preheated through the tube side of the heat exchanger and then passes through the burner, where the contaminated air is raised to 1,200 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. When the air is raised to the thermal oxidation temperature for the specified residence time, an exothermic reaction takes place.

              Anguil Environmental Systems


              Catalytic Oxidizer

              Anguil’s Catalytic Oxidizer destroys volatile organic compounds through the oxidation process. The catalyst oxidizes hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water vapor at lower temperatures than thermal oxidizers. The unit is designed based on volume of airflow, organic vapor concentrations and desired destruction efficiency. As volatile organic compound-laden air passes through the system’s catalyst, an exothermic reaction takes place. The product’s heat exchanger is designed to minimize the system’s fuel consumption.

                PRB Environmental Group Inc


                Humic System

                PRB Environmental’s Humic System is designed to decontaminate water and soil. The product uses a permeable reactive barrier to facilitate subsurface interception, retention, and treatment of groundwater contaminants released by industrial and agricultural sources. The system is designed to operate without active pumping and to decontaminate water flowing from contaminated soil and subsurface pollutant sources. It can be used to treat viral and bacterial pathogens, as well.

                  Anguil Environmental Systems


                  Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

                  The Anguil Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is designed to eliminate air pollutants, volatile organic compounds and odorous emissions that are discharged in industrial process exhausts. The system achieves emission destruction through the process of catalytic oxidation, which converts pollutants to carbon dioxide and water vapor. The unit’s poppet valves alternate the airflow direction into media, in order to maximize energy recovery within the oxidizer and reduce auxiliary fuel requirements.


                    Matcor MMP-X Direct Drive Anode


                    The MMP-X Direct Drive Anode from MATCOR is a prepackaged mixed metal oxide structure designed to be pushed into soft soil, mud or sand. The unit features a driving cone and a driving assembly, and the anode is packaged with carbon backfill in a gauge steel canister. The product is available in five canister lengths and is designed to protect pipelines, storage tanks, sheet pile walls, structural piles and other buried structures.

                      Pall Corp.

                      Pall Aria Microfiltration System

                      Microfiltration Membrane System

                      The Aria hollow fiber microfiltration membrane system from Pall is designed for reverse osmosis pre-treatment. The system removes suspended solids from source water, which extends the life of RO membranes. The product exposes RO membranes to a lower volume of particulate matter and enables the membranes to operate at high flux.

                        Advanced Telemetry

                        EcoView Commerical

                        Energy and Resource Management System

                        The EcoView Commercial energy and resource management suite from Advanced Telemetry monitors and manages HVAC use through real-time consumption monitoring and climate control. The wall-mounted touch panel receives consumption data in real time from a metering device installed at the breaker panel where the electricity mains enter a building. Users can access real time electricity consumption data onsite and remotely through an online interface. The product is designed to reduce energy consumption in small commercial buildings.

                          ASA Analytics

                          ASA Analytics ChemScan


                          ASA Analytics’ ChemScan line of mini analyzers is designed to analyze a single parameter in water and wastewater treatment plants. The oP ortho-Phosphorus analyzer provides automatic batch analysis of ortho-Phosphorus in low solids wastewater effluent of potable water samples through a detection cell. The UV254 single parameter analyzer measures percent transmittance or absorbance at 254 nm.

                            Bord Na Mona

                            Bord Na Mona

                            Rainwater Harvesting System

                            Bord na Móna’s RainSava rainwater harvesting system provides an alternative to using potable water for non-drinking water reuse applications. The product collects rainwater and filters and distributes it to a separate location. The system's filter fits in downpipes or in combined rainwater pipes and also includes a smoothing inlet filter, a submersible pump with a floating suction filter, a rainwater filter pressure switch and an overflow trap. The unit is designed for commercial applications.

                              Clean Way Environmental Partners Inc.

                              Clean Way Environmental Adsorbent Sponge Metal Removal

                              Adsorbent Sponge

                              CleanWay’s Metal Removal Media removes metals from stormwater, industrial and wastewater discharge. The sponge absorbs heavy metals including zinc, copper, lead and other metallic ions commonly found in water discharge through ion adsorption and filtration processes. The product functions in catch basins, filter vaults and downspout filtration units in both retrofits and new sites. The sponge treats solids, sludge and slurries derived from municipal sewage as well.

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