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Allegheny County Will Verify Green Roof Effectiveness

Officials hope that an ARRA-funded green roof will help manage stormwater and they plan to monitor the solution using Web-based weather stations.

Kansas City, Mo., to Spend $2.5 B over 25 Years to Stop Overflows

After four years of public input, Kansas City has a plan that is expected to eliminate unauthorized sewage overflows.

Bacterial Colonization Process Earns Patent

EDI says the new enclosed wastewater treatment process will eliminate the need for settling basins, ponds, and lagoons.

Oswego to Invest $87 M in Sewers to Comply with Clean Water Act

Specific measures include at least a 75 percent separation of the combined system into sanitary and stormwater components, a 50 percent expansion of the west side wastewater treatment plant’s treatment capacity, and the disconnection of catch basins.

Demo Validates Biotrickling Filter at Wastewater Treatment Plant

BioAir Solutions tested its media and biotrickling filter at a Florida wastewater plant for one year and the results revealed that the system removed more than 98 percent of all odors.

Budd Inlet Plant Cogeneration System Uses Methane for Heat, Energy

Energy conservation grants helped to fund upgrade, including an aeration blower retrofit.

FWS Awards $12.8 M to 31 States for Sewage Pumpout Facilities

Clean Vessel Act grants help marinas manage wastes and protect recreational waterways.

Slaughterhouse Operator to Install Sequencing Batch Reactor

Washington Beef LLC will spend more than $3 million in civil penalty and equipment costs to resolve allegations that it violated the Clean Water Act on numerous occasions between 2003 and 2009.

WERF Wants to Help Small Plants Overcome Biogas Barriers

The Water Environment Research Foundation has issued a request for proposals on research related to strategies for biogas production; proposals are due June 7.

United Water Voices Support for Infrastructure Act

The Senate bill removes state volume caps on private activity bonds for water and wastewater projects.

Region 7 Awards $2 M for Stormwater, Wastewater Projects

EPA provides infrastructure funding to East Prairie, Mo.; Plattsmouth, Neb.; and Gravois Mills, Mo.

American Water Awards More Than $128,000 for Environmental Grants

American Water Works Company, Inc. has distributed grants totaling more than $128,000 to 32 projects throughout the company's service areas in 8 states.

dan steele wireless

Wireless Spread Spectrum Radio SCADA for Water Facilities

Think of the monitoring possibilities: cathodic integrity for corrosion, pump station efficiency, and tank status.

ICJ: Uruguay's Paper Pulp Mill Is Not Polluting the River

The International Court of Justice ruled against Argentina, which had argued that Uruguay did not follow procedure of a bilateral treaty and the plant should be shut down.

Tomorrow's Water Has Less Government Funding, GWI Says

Global Water Intelligence has released its 2011 market report, which covers infrastructure, water scarcity, desalination, and reuse.

Agency to Require Progressive Stormwater Controls for Washington, D.C.

The enhanced protections for the Anacostia River and Chesapeake Bay include low impact development, strict discharge limits, and monitoring total maximum daily loads.

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