Environmental Protection


Blink EV Charging Station Earns the UL Mark

ECOtality's electric vehicle home charger receives safety and FCC approval.

$7M in STAR Grants Target Effects of Exposures, Social Stressors

EPA is asking universities to gather comprehensive community-wide data on human health impacts,

What Is the True Cost of Powering an Electric Car?

Edmunds.com explains that this uncertainty is slowing consumer acceptance.

Melting Snow and Ice May Bring Mold Problems

Annual winter storms not only bring out the shovels, but they also create situations that could cause indoor environmental concerns.

EonCoat application


A Ceramic Coating without VOCs

The secret is in the manufacturing and application processes, not the chemical makeup.

Natural Dust in Atmosphere Has Doubled Since Start of 20th Century

The amount of dust in the Earth’s atmosphere has doubled since the beginning of the 20th century and the dramatic increase is influencing climate and ecology around the world.

McIlvane Sees $40B Market for Air Pollution Control Products in 2011

Just under $42 billion will be invested in equipment to reduce air pollution next year, and 55 percent of that investment will be in Asia, according to a forecast in the McIlvaine Air Pollution Management report.

Vermont Law School Spotlights 10 Critical Issues

Professors examine significant legal responses to such topics as climate change, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and greenhouse gas rules.

Food waste can be diverted, not sent to the landfill.

ACS Cites Six Ways to Sustainability

The American Chemical Society has selected a few simple ideas culled from its journals on how to be sustainable, including stop wasting food, try working out outside, and take the bus instead of driving your car.

Testing Shows Automatic Door Closers Save on Energy Costs

DCS Global said the device can save more than 30 percent on energy costs when compared to sliding doors being left open.

EPA Levies Hefty Fine on Calif. Company for Making Untested Health Claims

EPA has fined Monterey Park, Calif.-based Kinetic Solutions Inc. $82,400 for allegedly selling unregistered and misbranded pesticides and making unproven claims about their effectiveness.

EPA and Peace Corps Look to Collaborate on Future Projects

The two agencies will explore opportunities to collaborate on a wide range of environmental issues – including efforts to bring cleaner cookstoves to millions in the developing world – while engaging young people, expanding the conversation on environmentalism, and supporting local solutions for communities here at home and around the world.

Southwestern Forests at Increased Risk from Climate Warming and Drought

Slower-growing trees. More severe fires. More bark beetle outbreaks. A lot more dead trees. And big changes in where various tree species are dominant in southwestern U.S. forests.

EPA 2010 Enforcement to Reduce 1.4B Pounds of Pollutants

289 defendants were charged for allegedly committing environmental crimes, 198 criminals were convicted, and $41 million were assessed in fines and restitution.

U.S. Floats Proposal for Controls on Ship Emissions in Caribbean Territories

The U.S. government has proposed controls on large ships that operate in the waters off the coastlines of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for the purpose of reducing air pollution.

Logan Aluminum Settles NESHAP Charges for $285K

The company also will install a baghouse for a furnace capture and collection system.

Downwind Coal Plant Pollution Affects Labor, Insurance, and Productivity Costs

Report sponsors say that the economic benefits, including health benefits, will far outweigh the costs of complying with EPA's proposed Transport Rule.

South Carolina Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Plug In Carolina and Eaton Corporation kicked off a statewide tour to commemorate its introduction, beginning at the state capitol building in Columbia with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and remarks by Gov. Mark Sanford.

In Addition to $80,000 Penalty, Printing Company Will Pay $305,000 to Help Replace Homeowners’ Polluting Wood Stoves

A printing company in Pittsfield, Mass., has agreed to pay a penalty of $80,000 and to spend $305,000 to help homeowners replace old, polluting wood stoves with new, cleaner models in order to settle claims by the US Environmental Protection Agency that it violated the federal Clean Air Act.

Vapor intrusion screening may become standard operating procedure for environmental site assessments.

Vapor Intrusion and ASTM's Revised Vapor Encroachment Standard

The experts answer why the topic is so hot now and the best way you can protect your clients and yourself from liability.

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