Understanding the Return-On-Investment Value of Oral Fluid Drug Testing

There is increasing interest in lab-based oral fluid drug testing as the federal government continues to develop regulations that will ultimately permit its use in government-mandated programs. Many employers already rely on lab-based oral fluid testing because of a long list of advantages and benefits. But in business the bottom line is always the bottom in line. So it's fair to ask what is the return on investment value of lab-based oral fluid testing? Will employers save on the front-end costs of a drug test? What impact does it have on the hidden costs of drug testing? Will positivity rates be affected?

In this enlightening presentation attendees will learn the answers to these questions and more, including how to accurately calculate the ROI of lab-based oral fluid testing compared to other drug testing methods.

: October 3,  2012
TIME: 2:00PM EST - 1:00PM CST - 11:00AM PST

Speaker: Bill Current, President of WFC & Associates

Bill Current is the President of WFC & Associates, a leading provider of drug testing consulting services. He is the manager of the On-Line Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws at StateDrugTestingLaws.com and author of the annual "Drug Testing Industry Survey." Bill is also the author of several books on drug testing topics including the popular "Why Drug Testing?"

Duration: 1 Hour