Congratulations to our 2012 New Product of the Year Winners!

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Air Quality and Climate

Amended Silicates by Novinda Corp.

Amended Silicates is the first commercially available, non-carbon reagent for removing mercury (greater than 90%) from the flue gas stream of coal-fired power plants. Amended Silicates uses a natural mineral compound as its base component, which reduces emissions and energy during the manufacturing process. A significantly reduced carbon footprint is realized versus the manufacture of more traditional mercury capture products, such as powder activated carbon.


USB Data Logger for Digital Flowmeter by EXAIR Corporation

EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter provides an excellent way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste. Now, with the addition of the new USB Data Logger, you also can maintain a history of the Digital Flowmeter’s measurements for analysis. Use the included software to configure the Data Logger to record your flow rate, and record from once a second (about nine hours of data) to up to once every 12 hours (more than two years). Regular monitoring of compressed air usage makes it possible for companies to save thousands of dollars per year by identifying costly leaks or inefficient air products.

Environmental Management

FracMAG by ParkUSA

The FracMAG is a self-sustaining electromagnetic water meter assembly. With the sudden boom of hydraulic fracturing operations taking place, oil & gas companies have the responsibility to measure and regulate their water usage. Typical fracturing operations occur in isolated and barren regions where electricity and water are in short supply; the FracMAG does not require the contractor to supply it with AC power because it can be powered with ParkUSA’s solar package option or with a lithium battery pack option, providing 3-6 years of power.

Health and Safety/Cleanup

PIG® Well Pad Liner 130 by New Pig Corporation

The extra-thick PIG® Well Pad Liner 130 is designed for long-term deployments and use over especially coarse, sharp, or shift-prone subbase. Three times more tear-resistant and five times more puncture-resistant than standard 30-mil HDPE liners, the PIG® Well Pad Liner 130 allows for use through multiple phases of drilling while requiring minimal repair. Weldable and sealable for easy installation, the liner will not pull apart under wheels or foot traffic.

New Technology -- Consumer

Dionex ICS-4000 Capillary HPIC Ion Chromatography System by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

The high-pressure Dionex ICS-4000 Capillary HPIC Ion Chromatography System delivers best-in-class sensitivity from routine analysis of ionic compounds to your most demanding application challenges. The system combines high-pressure capabilities at capillary flow rates with Reagent-Free operation and versatility in detection selection, with all of the advantages of capillary IC, including high mass sensitivity, low eluent consumption, low waste generation, and extended consumable lifetimes.

New Technology -- Industrial

TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

The TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph has innovated completely the use of this range of analytical instruments in routine laboratories. It is the first and only gas chromatograph on the market that makes the fundamental instrument components (injectors and detectors) available as user-installable, plug-in, “Instant Connect” modules, allowing users to rapidly adapt the instrument configuration to new applications and/or workload requirements.


Sustainability Management Dashboard & Virtual Manager by ERA Environmental Management Solutions

This web-based sustainability dashboard gives environmental managers and executives a snapshot of their entire operation’s environmental footprint, including greenhouse gases, air and waste emissions, energy usage, VOCs and air pollutants, and other customizable Key Performance Indicators. The dashboard empowers managers to track and manage their sustainability projects and chart continuous improvement efforts.

Soil and Groundwater

StormTrooper AQ by ParkUSA

The StormTrooper AQ is a patented storm water wet vault specifically designed to intercept specifically designed to intercept free oils, grease, TSS, debris, and other pollutants found in storm water runoff. StormTrooper AQ features “Enhanced” Gravity Separation, which is technology utilizing coalescing media plates engineered to a performance analysis based on Stoke’s Law. This cutting-edge technology is now available for use to protect the Edwards Aquifer.


EXO Sonde Platform by YSI, a Xylem Brand

The EXO Sonde Platform is YSI’s new water quality monitoring system. The product platform consists of the EXO1 Sonde and the EXO2 Sonde, along with a handheld that connects users directly to their equipment via Bluetooth or field cables. EXO gives users a streamlined approach to data collection from the field to the lab.


EleVader™ by ParkUSA

With the release of the ASME A17.1-2007/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators, a new era has begun for elevator safety codes. An important requirement of the new code for all elevator applications is the removal of all water and contaminates from elevator hoist ways. Using the latest in technology, the EleVader™ is a complete and fully integrated and packaged system, engineered to this safety code, that features pumps, oil/water separators, and control systems.