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Tips for Beating the Heat Wave

Forecasters are predicting this week’s heat wave to be one of the hottest this summer... more

News Update

Snow Leopard Population Discovered in Afghanistan

The Wildlife Conservation Society has discovered a surprisingly healthy population of rare snow leopards living in the mountainous reaches of northeastern Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor... more

How Dairy Farms Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists have produced the first detailed data on how large-scale dairy facilities contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases... more

Solar Panels Also Keep Buildings Cool

Those solar panels on top of your roof aren't just providing clean power, they also are cooling your house or workplace... more

Top 20 States with the Most Toxic Air Pollution from Power Plants

Residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida live in states with the most toxic air pollution from coal- and oil-fired power plants, according to an analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council... more

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Vt., Mass. companies face #EPA sanctions for failing to prevent #oil spills

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Plastic Bag Federalism

You know those reusable grocery bags everyone is selling these days? I never use them. And it’s not because I’m against them...more

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