WIFIA Approved by Senate, Awaiting House of Representatives

The U.S. Senate has passed the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority (WIFIA), which will help with the country’s water infrastructure shortcomings. The legislature is now awaiting approval from the House of Representatives, but is already gaining bipartisan support.

On Wednesday, the Senate approved the WIFIA pilot program by a vote of 83-14. WIFIA, which is part of the Water Resources Development Act of 2013, will help water utilities obtain low interest loans, loan guarantees and credit for large water infrastructure projects or other water projects that may be significant on a regional or national level.

“Today’s approval of WIFIA by the U.S. Senate represents a huge step forward in confronting America’s water infrastructure challenge,” said AWWA Executive Director David LaFrance. “WIFIA would repair more critical water infrastructure at a lower cost to our communities. With so many of our nation’s water pipes in need of replacement, WIFIA will benefit everyone who receives a water bill."

WIFIA, developed by the American Water Works Association, is a huge success for water infrastructure needs across the country. Since being passed by the Senate, WIFIA will now go to the House of Representatives for full approval.

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