Ecologix Environmental Systems Introduces New Standard in Chemical Treatment for Hydraulic Fracturing

Ecologix Environmental Systems, an Atlanta-based wastewater treatment company specializing in oil and gas, has enhanced their mobile Integrated Treatment System (ITS) for hydraulic fracturing. The combination of the Mobile Chemical Treatment (MCT) and Mobile DAF (MD) systems gives the ITS the capability to treat 900 gallons of flow back water per minute, from fracking operations.

The MCT-900 is a universal chemical management system for wastewater treatment. Based on a mobile frac tank, the design includes multiple options that are configurable in the field for optimal flexibility.

“Efficient and affordable water treatment is one of the biggest operational challenges with hydro-fracking, and there is a need for new flexible treatment methods that meet the many challenges facing our oil and gas partners,” said Eli Gruber, CEO of Ecologix. “The mobility, flexibility and treatment capacity of this system has established a new industry standard. The system is maximized for efficiency and durability providing the highest quality treatment solution at the best value.

The ITS system removes essentially all suspended solids from wastewater, produced water, and frac water.

Other innovative system features include:

  Frac tank-based mobile platform
  Chemical treatment (MCT-900) flexibility
  Integrated PLC controls
  Rugged discreet panel operators
  Dual whitewater pumps
  Dual sludge pumps