Alliance Continues Work on Water Framework

Clean Water America Alliance meets with other stakeholders today for dialogue on greater sustainability and stronger science.

National and regional water associations representing drinking water, wastewater, energy, research, and other interests, planned to meet Jan. 13 at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington D.C. to discuss a draft for a U.S. National Water Policy Framework.

The draft is the product of combined input from three national dialogues hosted by the Clean Water America Alliance in 2009 and 2010 with participation from a diverse array of experts and stakeholders throughout the United States.

“We’re hearing a clear, loud call for more integrated and sustainable approaches to managing water as one resource,” explains Alliance President Ben Grumbles. “Our goal is to collaborate on a flexible framework that highlights the value of water and the need for specific actions. It’s time to increase sustainability and strengthen the science while recognizing that every watershed is different.”

Expected to attend the meeting were more than 40 representatives and feature Keynote remarks from the Assistant Administrator for Water Pete Silva, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Lynn Broaddus of the Johnson Foundation, and Patrick McGinnis from the Horinko Group also were scheduled to share complementary initiatives that promote water sustainability. From this meeting, the Alliance hopes to identify and leverage policy momentum from each association toward common water sustainability goals. “That’s the essence of the Alliance’s mission,” explained Grumbles “to unite people and policy for water sustainability and watershed-based solutions like never before.”