Baldwin and Opflex Technologies Head to Dubai and Kuwait to Continue Their "Will to Drill" Revolution

Stephen Baldwin continues in his efforts to help find solutions to the ongoing problems in the aftermath of the recent Gulf oil spill disaster.  Baldwin was one of the first celebrities on the scene and was given early access, which led to unique footage and interaction with the likes of Governor Bobby Jindal and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser for his "Will to Drill" documentary.  As most of the media and America has allowed the Deep Water Horizon disaster to slip away from the forefront of their minds, to be replaced with the recent elections and other hot topics of the day, Baldwin continues his commitment to the region and what continues to be the problematic issues that beg the questions: Have these oil problems gone away?; Where has the oil gone?; Is there still an oil spilling problem?; Why is there still oil seen on the surface of the Gulf?;  Are we prepared if there are more leaks to come? Like the oil, all these questions have started to resurface after Baldwin recently connected with Scott Smith, inventor and CEO of Opflex Technologies, LLC, a product from his Cellect Technologies.

Opflex and Smith made USA TODAY front page headlines ( for inventing the revolutionary new technology that is being used in the recent Gulf oil clean up.  Smith's "Opflex" is the first low carbon impact (LCI ™) and reusable foam that absorbs oil and allows the water to flow through.  Smith made his presence known after the oil spill disaster began, proving his discovery worked even after many critics were doubtful. Soon it was BP's David Kinnaird that stepped forward to agree that Smith's product was successful and the better solution than any white boom that had been deployed thus far.  Two million square feet of Opflex has been purchased by BP and has been successful. Prior to Opflex more than 11 million (linear) feet of the (white) boom has been deployed to date with disappointing results and has ended up water logged and fills landfills needlessly.  Disbelief is nothing new to Smith, "People always told me this wouldn't work and I had no perspective.  I wanted to make it real.  I am one of the few people in the world to have worked alongside fishermen in Dalian China and fishermen in Venice, Louisiana and witnessed both oil disasters firsthand.  I have witnessed landfills being filled up needlessly with white booms and sorbents that are not effective and don't work.  Furthermore, it has been established directly by BP that Opflex is one of the few products to work successfully on absorbing surface oil sheen which can cause hypothermia in birds which leads to their death.  Additionally unconfirmed reports have circulated that new subsurface oil in Venice, Louisiana has been detected as well as other areas and there are possibly four more unreported leaks in the Gulf of Mexico and little is being done."

This month after a large international demand for the Opflex product, Cellect Technologies is now changing its name to Opflex Technologies. With this success has come a rapid order of the "Opflex" Technology in more regions of the world including China and other places that have been harmed by oil contamination. Baldwin and Smith are like-minded in their hope to make the Gulf disaster a necessary and continued hot topic that needs to be addressed. The result of Smith's "Opflex" revolution has added to the continued and much needed awareness of this ongoing eco catastrophe. Research and gathering of footage for Baldwin's documentary, "WILL TO DRILL" continues.  Baldwin and Smith have been asked to attend the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL next month to present and continue the networking of the "Will to Drill" documentary and education of OPFLEX Technology.  Additionally the duo will engage in high level meetings in Dubai and Kuwait to further the cause and awareness of what seems to be a revolutionary solution to global environmental epidemic.