Software Turns Pipeline Network Data into Virtual Reality

With the new WinCan 3D™ module, WinCan™ pipe inspection and asset management software can build a three-dimensional model of a pipeline network based on inspection records.

This model — which can be rotated, zoomed, and even overlaid on GIS maps and CAD drawings — helps visualize the pipe network, verify the accuracy of other records, and plan sub-surface work such as excavation and directional drilling, according to a press release from Pipe Analytics.

“WinCan isn’t just about collecting pipe data, it’s about distilling intelligence that can be used immediately for maintenance and planning purposes,” said Mike Russin, account manager for Pipeline Analytics, WinCan’s support and distribution company in the Americas.

The 3D module is fully integrated with the core software. An operator can mouse over a pipe section on the 3D view to get complete inspection data, or establish bidirectional links with data in WinCan Map or any third-party GIS system. The module is even integrated into the freeware viewer, so 3D models can be shared with anyone.

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