Bourne Energy Product Captures Water Flow Energy

Bourne Energy's new Energy Regenerator system is designed to create a significant source of renewable power from the capture of hydrokinetic energy from billions of gallons of freshwater flowing through our power plant cooling systems as well as the freshwater pumped through our water treatment and distribution systems.

Keeping U.S. power on each day requires the electric sector to withdraw approximately 200 billion gallons of freshwater per day to cool the nation’s nuclear, coal and natural gas power plants. Energy is used to treat and pump approximately 400 billion gallons per day of freshwater to our homes, farms and businesses. Bourne Energy, a renewable energy company, has developed the RiverStar-Regenerator (RS-RE) system to capture energy and convert it to useful electricity.

The Regenerator is a self-contained device highly scalable for each power site with units ranging from 3 to 20 feet and power outputs from 600W to 50 kW. The unit is composed of generator turbines, micro-electronics, controllers and stabilizers. The RS-RE is stealthy with a low profile, zero emissions and silent operation. It is designed to be placed in multiple power arrays in the cooling system outflow canals of many of the nation’s 5,400 power plants as well as the outflow areas of many of the 16,000 water treatment plants. It can also harness the moving water in thousands of miles of water aqueduct canals.

The Regenerator can be placed in the outfall areas of the 2,500 established hydropower dams to capture waste energy. The unit increases dam power output without requiring construction to increase reservoir or dam size.

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