Scalable Waste Heat Power Generator Vies for $200M GE Challenge

Cyclone Power Technologies has unveiled its scalable waste heat power generator, called WHE/GenerationTM, in connection with the $200 million GE Ecomagination Challenge.

Cyclone’s renewable power system is currently ranked 25th out of 2,280 entries vying for funding and partnering opportunities in this worldwide search for unique green energy technologies.

Cyclone’s WHE/Generation system – which stands for “waste heat electricity generation” – is comprised of its Waste Heat Engine, proprietary heat exchangers and electric generator. The patent-pending unit, which converts waste heat from furnaces, flares, kilns and ovens to mechanical power and electricity, is scalable from 10kW to 500kW or larger.

The benefits of using a Cyclone engine over turbine-based waste heat recovery systems are largely economics.

“It is currently impractical to achieve acceptable paybacks on small-scale waste heat recovery systems where the goal is to produce electricity to power a facility or feed back into the utility grid,” said Christopher Nelson, managing director of Cyclone’s WHE/Generation division. “Such renewable, emissions-free power production is a proven method of increasing factory efficiencies and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. However, for the vast number of heat producing (and wasting) industrial plants, such goals are unattainable without Cyclone’s highly scalable systems.”

Cyclone is currently conducting a test with its customer,Bent Glass Design.

To learn more about Cyclone’s scalable Waste Heat Engine, see a video of it in operation, and to vote on the WHE/Generation, visit GE’s website.

The GE Ecomagination Challenge is being conducted with Emerald Technology Ventures, Foundation Capital, KPCB and Rockport Capital.

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