New Absorbent Repels Water, Keeps the Oil, Company Says

An absorbent company based in Southern California, Eco-Absorbent Technologies Inc., has launched a new addition to the Eco>Absorb line of super absorbents, Eco>Absorb Oil Only.

Eco>Absorb Oil Only is formulated specifically to be hydrophobic, allowing it to float on water and selectively absorb hydrocarbons. Once absorbed, the oil is locked away, allowing the product to be retrieved from the top of the water, leaving clean water behind. Because the product is completely organic and non-toxic, it can be deployed in the Gulf of Mexico to help clean up oil in marshes and along coast lines without impacting delicate ecosystems.

According to Michael Shannon, company founder and chief executive officer, “The entire Eco>Absorb line is phenomenal, but Oil Only is revolutionary. It will literally absorb the oil and float there waiting to be skimmed off the surface. I think we’re going to make a big impact!”

Just this past week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Emergency Management presented Eco-Absorbent Technologies with a letter certifying that Eco>Absorb Oil Only is approved for disaster response operations. This should pave the way for the product to be deployed into the Gulf. “With the EPA’s certification in hand, we’re hopeful we’ll finally be able to get out there and help,” said Ryan Stephens, director of Sales and Marketing.

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