AFTI Calls in Inventories to Provide Spill Clean-up Relief

Applied Fabric Technologies Inc., a U.S.-based company, is providing oil spill containment and clean-up systems to BP and participating contractors to assist in remediation efforts in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

AFTI, along with parent company Desmi Ro-Clean, has been involved since the cleanup efforts began. Oil spill clean-up and containment products such as booms, fire booms, skimmers and boats are being collected from the company's inventory and customer inventories around the world to be put into effect immediately at the site of the BP spill.

Its patented product, PyroBoom, has been in use since May 23. BP has purchased significant quantities of PyroBoom from a company customer in Algeria.

Peter Lane, chief executive officer and president of AFTI, is an oil-spill industry veteran with more than 40 years of experience. He has been on-site in Grand Isle, La., to assist with the installation of booms and skimmers for near shore clean-up operations. He also provided training and set-up assistance to teams who will be managing clean-up efforts on larger offshore vessels.

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