Five Ways Companies Can Green their Packaging

When it comes to promoting themselves as sustainable, many companies find green packaging an excellent way to cut costs and boost their image.

Asen Strategic Advertising & Marketing understands the importance of maintaining a company’s image through packaging and has provided five tactics that can transform packaging from the same old bag or box into something a little … greener:

    1. Purchase packaging material from local manufacturers. Buying packaging products from local vendors can be beneficial for the environment, the consumer and the business. Materials purchased from local sources don't travel as far, helping to reduce fuel consumption and the emissions produced by shipping. Also, products using local components appeal to those consumers who seek out goods that come from their own region.

    2. Try bioplastics. Plastic is one of the most popular packaging substances. The problem with plastic is that the majority of it is derived from nonrenewable sources, such as petroleum and natural gas. However, there are some plastics, bioplastics, that are made from renewable resources, like plants. Bioplastics are often biodegradable and typically release fewer toxins when decomposing, as compared to their synthetic counterparts.

    3. Use recycled materials. Glass, aluminum, paper, steel and some plastics are easily recyclable and often without a loss of quality in the product. Using recycled materials in packaging is a good way of making a package green. In fact, some materials, such as glass, steel and aluminum, are capable of indefinite recycling. Encouraging consumers to re-recycle the package is a good way to keep a reusable material out of the landfill. It’s also great for your brand’s image.

    4. Implement a packaging reduction program. Smaller packages or packaging with compact elements means the manufacturer can fit a greater number on a pallet during shipping. If fewer pallets are needed to complete an order, that means fewer trips for polluting trucks and barges, which in turn, means fewer harmful emissions are sent into the air. The same principal applies to reducing weight. A truck will use less fuel, and produce less pollution, if its load is lighter.

    5. Give green. If you can’t improve the sustainability of your current packaging, donating a portion of your sales to a green non-profit agency is an excellent way to improve your company's image. Most companies choose to not disclose the amount of per-sale profit they donate, so this option can be inexpensive.