Trilogy System Cleans and Powers Up Well Heads

Purestream Technology, in collaboration with researchers from Utah State University’s Research Foundation Energy Dynamics Lab (EDL), has developed new technology that allows oil and gas producers an onsite solution for air emissions and wastewater.

“The strategic partnership that EDL has entered into with Purestream Technology has already made significant progress in creating the world’s first comprehensive and environmentally responsible oil and gas well head solution – the Trilogy System,” said Douglas K. Lemon, Ph.D., director of EDL. “[The Foundation] is recognized throughout the world as a leader in thermal management technologies for space-based and terrestrial applications, and we’ll use some of those technologies to help provide oil and gas well owners with an affordable way to comply with current environmental regulations and potential future legislation that will affect their industry.”

The key components of the Trilogy system are Zero Air Shed Potential (ZAP), scrubbing and evaporation, and combined heat and power generation.

Chris Jahn, who has more than 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is an inventor of produced water systems, says, “The Trilogy System, developed by Purestream, is one of those rare oil and gas technologies that improves process efficiency, increases profitability and benefits our global environment – all in one state-of-the-art system.”

According to the company, the system offers an onsite solution, restoring oil or gas production wastewater to better than drinking water standards (268 ppm v. 350 ppm), reducing volatile organic compounds by 99 percent and providing HEPA quality air filtration.

The company also engineered a process to convert recycled power into a clean, commercially viable product. The power can be loaded onto a power grid for sale on the wholesale market, or it can be used to power various environmentally conscious initiatives or activities.

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