NJDEP Hires Centauri Labs for Radiochemical Analysis

The N.J. Department of Environmental Protection has contracted with Centauri Labs, a full service environmental testing laboratory with expertise in analytical and radiochemical testing, to conduct radiochemical analysis in and around the state’s nuclear power plants.

Under the contract, Centauri will be providing analyses for gamma spectroscopy, gross alpha/beta, strontium-89/90, tritium, and iodine-131 in milk, air particulate, charcoal cartridges, soil, fish, vegetation, and aquatic sediment.

Joe Hernandez, chair of Centauri Labs, stated, “This contract will allow Centauri Labs to leverage our experience in radiochemistry and our recently established Center of Excellence for Radiochemistry Facility in our Montgomery, Ala., location. Additionally, this contract will extend Centauri’s reach into radiochemical monitoring of nuclear power plants and allow for growth in this segment moving forward.”

Centauri took this opportunity to develop new protocols for analysis of different samples types, including milk samples; with these protocols now in place, Centauri is one of the few labs in the United States that can accept and perform radiochemical tests on a broad menu of matrices.

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