Eases Access to Federal Regulations

Comments received last year during an online forum have led to improvements in access to federal regulations at, according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency press release. The Web site provides one-stop public access to information related to current and forthcoming regulations issued by the federal government.

The eRulemaking Program added the following specific-site improvements:

  • a new rotating panel of images and video clips offers a preview to the latest Web site changes,
  • a dashboard of regulatory documents housed on the site,
  • a new A-Z index of rules and proposed rules categorized by topic,
  • instructional video clips highlighting site functions, and
  • improvements to the site's homepage and search wizard.

In addition, the eRulemaking Program has re-launched its online forum to allow the public to explore proposed new designs and features, provide comments, and engage with other site visitors and the eRulemaking Program staff. The public also can link to the Twitter page.

EPA is the managing partner of the inter-agency eRulemaking Program, which operates

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