Booz Allen Provides Sustainability Strategy Vetting Tool for Feds

Booz Allen Hamilton today announced the launch of Green Pulse Check, a new, free online diagnostic tool to help government agencies vet the effectiveness of their sustainability strategies.

Green Pulse Check evaluates the management and performance elements an organization currently has in place, helps identify unseen gaps that need to be filled, and determines how well current sustainability strategies are aligned to the organization's overall mission. The survey is designed to be simple: After agencies answer a short series of questions, the tool creates a profile and assigns a score to the organization's environmental management practices. A recommended action plan is also developed along with the profile and score to help agencies implement the recommended sustainability strategies.

"Government agencies are under intense pressure to ensure their operations are not only environmentally sound, but also in compliance with new laws and Presidential Executive Order requirements mandating sustainable practices," said Booz Allen Principal Alan Falk. "We wanted to give agencies a quick and easy way to evaluate their sustainability strategies and to put the right strategies in place. Green Pulse Check delivers a comprehensive look at sustainability tailored to the government's unique, specific needs." For a best-in-class approach, the profile created by Green Pulse Check is matched against peer and government-wide performance, enabling agencies to take advantage of sustainability lessons learned from government and industry.

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