WRI Offers Research Updates on China's Climate Work

The World Resources Institute (WRI) has launched ChinaFAQs.org, a Web site tracking and summarizing the research of academics, research scientists and policy experts on China’s climate and energy policies and actions.

“We hope this resource will provide journalists and Congress critical information on China’s actions and policies, which affect domestic energy use, bilateral cooperation, and global efforts to reduce heat-trapping pollutants,” said Deborah Seligsohn, a WRI senior fellow and principal adviser based in Beijing.

The network brings together more than 20 distinguished experts and summarizes their in-depth research on Chinese climate and energy issues and trends. Visitors to the site can also find fact sheets, related data, graphics, news articles, expert commentary, and other content organized by sub-topics such as carbon capture and storage, coal usage, and energy efficiency.

“Policymakers often don’t know where to find information on Chinese energy and climate issues” said Seligsohn. “For the first time all of this information can be found in one place on ChinaFAQs Network.”

The site is also meant to increase exchanges between experts, the policy community, and opinion leaders.

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