Energy Recovery, Inc. Unveils Quadribaric Technology

Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI) introduced its QuadribaricTM technology, advancing the company’s mission to make seawater desalination an affordable solution to addressing the world’s clean water shortages.

Embedded into the latest PX Pressure Exchanger™ (PX-300) line of rotary energy recovery devices, ERI Quadribaric technology uses a patented new design that essentially doubles the workload of each device.

“Quadribaric technology is our latest enhancement and establishes a new performance standard for the industry,” said Richard Stover, Ph.D., ERI’s chief technology officer. “With the PX-300 device, Energy Recovery is supporting the growing capacity demands of larger desalination plants, where lower operating pressures, higher efficiencies and longer product life are essential to success.”

The benefits of the new technology include:

  • Higher efficiency through straighter flow paths than previously possible;
  • Less mixing with a reduced cycle speed;
  • Greater reliability using a slower rotational rate; and
  • Quieter operation through a smoother exchange process.

“As the first ERI device to leverage the company's new Quadribaric technology, the PX-300 unit combines excelled isobaric technology design and state-of-the-art of vessel and port configuration to yield increased production capacity and improved energy recovery efficiency at a competitive price,” said Nikolay Voutchkov, president of Water Globe Consulting, LLC. “I would expect the PX-300 to become the new 'standard' for energy recovery equipment in medium and large-size desalination plants, and look forward to seeing the benefits these facilities gain with the new ERI design.”

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